Update 0.1.1

A user reported that they were seeing errors/warnings with Update, and sure enough, my php.ini was out of date and not showing me all errors. I fixed that, then fixed the extension. This version sees a custom Special:Update which is getting ready for more advanced features. The roadmap has SVN and GIT support, as well as some download capabilities.

* new Special:Update interface (no longer based on Special:Version)

* various strict php warnings/errors (thanks Wikimanz)
* now tries to guess MW link to extension if url is diff
* improved version comparison using php’s version_compare()
* added mediawiki 1.15.5 support (better http request handling)
* improved translation support for translatewiki.net (thanks Nikerabbit)
* hook SoftwareInfo removed

* trunk 2011-09-22 stable 1.17.0, 1.16.0, 1.15.5