Realnames 0.3

A new version of Realnames is out. We fixed a major bug with append style replacements (they were causing problems in all page titles!) and added two new options. One is to turn off replacements in specific places, and the other to turn off new smarts on when to replace and when not to (don’t replace if realname is same as username).


* you can opt-out of replacements using $wgRealnamesReplacements (thanks Salquint)
* we now have smarts in the form of not displaying “Marry – Marry” text
* you can change “smart” features like above using $wgRealnamesSmart

* version 0.2 misreported version as 0.1.1, now 0.3
* now tied into main debugging framework
* a missing return statement was causing titles in append style to get garbled

* switched to a more permissive and correct bsd-2-clause license agreement for commits
* added more metadata files

* I continue to be concerned with performance on large recentchanges/history since my initial post about it on 2011-09-19. After receiving a few code reviews recently (finally!) the main
feedback has been that there may indeed be scalability problems with using newFromName. In my original post (see extension talk page) I proposed two solutions, but haven’t heard from anyone
experiencing problems yet. I think I may implement a two-pass as described in the next feature version, however it will make the code significantly more complex. I’ll hold off on extending those two specific pages until it’s confirmed a two-pass isn’t enough.

* svn trunk 2011-11-05, 1.18.0beta1, 1.17.0, 1.16.5, 1.15.5