HeadersFooters 0.2.3

A new version of HeadersFooters is out. This one once again tries to bring table prefix compatability. I’ve also converted all my test wikis to use table prefixes, because really there’s no advantage from a testing point of view not to. This particular plugin is still very experimental, so please report any problems (and I’m sure there are many).

* wikis with table prefixes did not update the cache properly, really fixed.

* I really can’t stress enough how experimental this extension it,
it still needs a lot of testing to work out edge cases, please report them!
* switched to a more permissive and correct bsd-2-clause license agreement for commits

* releases: 1.17.0

HeadersFooters 0.2.2

A really simple update to HeadersFooters 0.2.2 that only those with table prefixes will need to apply. You’ll know you were affected in that you got an error when you tried to make a header or a footer. It worked, but the automatic refresh didn’t and it spat database errors at you. The behaviour logically should of worked, but because of how MW handles table prefixes it didn’t. I’ve fixed it for now, hopefully MW will change how it handles things in the future so other developers don’t run into this.

* wikis with tables prefixes did not update properly, fixed.

* releases: 1.17.0

HeadersFooters 0.2.1

It seemed like just yesterday morning that I announced HeadersFooters 0.2 — oh wait it was yesterday morning, albeit as an all-nighter. Unfortunately a pretty big bug creeped in where the header/footers were appearing in the edits of articles. That came from trying to be too cute. Let this be a lesson, don’t be cute.

While this version didn’t introduce any new features per say, it did fix up some pretty huge issues. You don’t need to &action=purge anymore. That’s right, it will go everywhere and get in your business and flush that shit. It was really complicated, there will undoubtedly be some hiccups, but for now it should be good. This includes having the headers/footers show up properly when you come back from an edit. I snuck in some support for special page headers for those that have them in the MediaWiki: space too.

A few ideas I’m toying with for the next release will be to make sure the revision view, comparison view and api all behave properly. As usual this is a pretty hackish extension, so if it does something funny, send me a line!

* Edit box was showing header/footer wikitext since 2.0, fixed
* Caches for affected pages are invalidated, should save you a action=purge (thanks DanielFriesen)
* Special:HeadersFooters now only shows what is enabled
* Special:HeadersFooters header editing for some special pages
* Special:Headersfooters’ header now supported
* Special:Headersfooters form remembers values after error messages
* now tied into main debugging framework

* svn: trunk 2011-10-02, 1.18alpha 2011-10-02, 1.17branch 2011-10-02
* releases: 1.17.0, 1.16.0, 1.15.5

HeadersFooters 0.2

Released HeadersFooters 0.2 early this morning, it brings in a much needed new message storage system (which unfortunately breaks the current one). I considered created a convenience tool to rename existing headers/footers but figured version 0.1 was not out long enough to really set people back much. Apologies but please move your existing pages to the new names by hand. Here’s the changelog:

* new Special:HeadersFooters page for easy header/footer creation/editing
* compatibility with MW messages, better i18n support (thanks Alphos, bawolff)

breaking changes / requires admin action:
* switch to MW messages changes all header/footer urls, you will need to move them! Sorry!
The new method is much more robust, the old method can potentially break other
pages/messages in your wiki. i18n support is also improved as messages are unlikely
to break between MW translation changes of namespaces.
* $wgHeadersFootersUsingPages’s new default is false for speed reasons,
if you use or want page headers/footers please set it to true in your LocalSettings.php

* switched hook ParserBeforeStrip to ArticleAfterFetchContent for better support and less hacks (thanks Dantman)
* cleaned up functions and simplified the extension, making use of more core messaging functions, Xml object
* special thanks to RoanKattouw, DanielFriesen and Dantman for coding advice

* svn: trunk 2011-09-27, 1.18alpha 2011-09-27, 1.17branch 2011-09-27
* releases: 1.17.0, 1.16.0, 1.15.5

* after defining a header/footer you may need to do a &action=purge on affected pages
* Special:HeadersFooters shows all edit shortcuts even when you turn some of them off global/page

Of course 5 minutes after release I realized the new special page for editing messages wasn’t hiding things when you turn them off at the config level… oops. Currently working on a few bugfixes for version 0.2.1 including cache optimizations!